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    A belated Happy Birthday from New Zealand, Larry. May the Lord gralety bless you and Darnette in the time we have left on this earth. Just listened to the last update. Wow, what a wealth of information. What a blessing you and Stewart are!! Thanks so much for being faithful and sharing the real truth. Looking forward to meeting you all real soon .Blessings, Lynn in NZ

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    sympa, joli articleil fait vraiment plein de chose ce couteau suisse, il peut faire, et vu le prix, faut pas s’en sans s’en servir tous les jours, vaut mieux l’avoir et on y prend vite gout a fouiller en utilisant scrapebox

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    Hei og god morgen :))Jeg blir gjerne med pÃ¥ trekningen av dagens gave. Har ønsket meg en slik pute lenge…..Har fulgt bloggen lenge og syntes den er flott og inspirerende. Ha en god advent videreHilsen fru vimsete

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    MS Project has come a long way in the past couple of versions.I feel the addition of the capability to have at least 10 complete baselines saved adds a lot in the managment of larger and long projects.The new version gives you the capability to add a task the the baseline and have the values sum up to all the higher level tasks. This is now an option that you can select.I feel it it is time to give up MS Project 98 and get into the 2000 series.

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