Specializing in Senior Housing and Long-Term Care Development, Marketing, & Management



  1. Does Achievis have any experience working with not-for-profit, civic, or government organizations?
    Achievis has worked with a number of non-profit organizations such as Pauls Valley General Hospital, Baptist Villages of Oklahoma, Deaconess Health Care, Sacred Heart Parish of El Reno, and GreenTree at Sand Springs. Joyce Clark was Governor appointed to the Oklahoma State Board of Health Department’s Long-Term Care Facility Advisory Board for two terms. She is also Governor appointed to Oklahoma AmeriCorps’ Board of Directors, where she serves as Secretary. She served as Chairperson of the District Grant Committee for Rotary Club of Oklahoma City for five years and also served at Secretary on the Club’s Foundation Board of Directors. Some of her other civic contributions include serving on the Board of Directors for The Oklahoma Alliance on Aging, R.S.V.P., and Deer Creek Schools Enrichment Foundation. 
  2. What type of marketing services does Achievis offer?
    Our marketing services are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each client.  Services range from digital and social media management, competitive analysis, strategic planning, and employee training to writing press releases, designing collaterals, and conducting S.W.O.T. analyses. We also handle public relations and internal corporate communications.
  3. What type of project management services does Achievis offer?
    Achievis is experienced and knowledgeable about the entire start-up process for new senior living and long-term care communities. We will handle the many details that must be completed to successfully design, build, lease, and operate the community. 
  4. Does Achievis also offer on-going management company services?
    Achievis Senior Living Associates can also serve as an on-going management auditor and consultant. As your advisor, we would be responsible for Management of Resident Services and Operations, Personnel Administration, Cost Control, Marketing, Physical Plant, and Administrative Services.
  5. What is your experience in marketing senior housing and long-term care communities?
    We have extensive experience in formulating advertising and marketing plans and then carrying out those strategies. Achievis (formerly known as Clark Lee Consulting & Development) has developed an impressive client base that includes Deaconess Health Care, Baptist Retirement Centers of Oklahoma, GreenTree at Sand Springs, Arbor House Assisted Living Center, Cornerstone Healthcare Solutions, Edgewood Vista Communities, Daily Living Centers, Bellevue Nursing & Rehab Center, Retirement Living Communities, Granville Villa, Featherstone Assisted Living, and many others.  We have been approached by a variety of organizations about handling their marketing and do serve select clients who are not senior living providers. 
  6. How do you structure your fees?
    Achievis works with each client to establish a plan that best meets their system. Typically for start-up development, up to 50% of the fee is paid up front and the remainder divided into monthly payments. Achievis also offers an ongoing consulting relationship after opening to monitor operations and assist with management issues for a reasonable monthly retainer.
  7. Will Achievis orient and train employees?
    Absolutely.  Achievis will set up an employee-training program to teach the executive director and relevant staff about things such as medication administration, resident care, forms, policies & procedures, safety, touring, marketing to referral sources, and resident life enrichment. We also coach administration and marketing directors for companies in need of growth management or operations improvement.
  8. Why should we choose Achievis over other companies to handle our project?
    Achievis offers project management and marketing expertise. We are a company with a strong network and resource base. Our track record is full of increased occupancy reports and satisfied clients. We strive to minimize costs and increase revenue. Our goal is to bring our client’s mission, vision, and goals to life.  Our client’s success is our success.  Achievis has a turnkey package available to expedite the development process and to potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients.  The development team includes a general contractor, architect, interior designer, and a senior living management and marketing expert.
  9. How is Achievis governed?  Who / what is its governing authority?
    Achievis Senior Living Associates, LLC is privately owned by Joyce Clark.
  10. How old is your company?  The associates of Achievis have many years of senior housing marketing and management experience.  Like many successful small companies, we have changed names as we have grown and expanded into new areas.  Our company roots date back to 1996 when Joyce Clark formed Clark Consulting as a sole proprietor.  In October of 1997, Clark Consulting became a Limited Company and was certified by the Oklahoma Secretary of State.  A year later a partner was added and the company name was changed to Clark Lee Consulting & Development Ltd. Co.  Achievis Senior Living Associates was subsequently formed in 2001.